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Business Management Theories Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business Management Theories - Article Example This content offers a relative examination of different administration hypotheses their inborn impacts. The articles note that there are basic administration defects that have that have been experienced throughout the years. For example, the ideological inclinations that are instructed and the resulting hypotheses that have been created don't line up with the elements experienced in the field. The characteristic jobs of supervisors can't be over underscored. Chiefs have a sole duty to deal with the organizations and promoting moral principles as suitable. While the directors take up their duties as adjusted, there is expanded worry on the ethical commitments. Associations shift from one end to the next, and the utilization of the board thoughts is naturally extraordinary (Ghoshal 2005, p.75). The status of chiefs has altogether diminished, and there are supported endeavors to rethink the job of supervisors and their significance. Speculations and different research examines are basic in deciding the degree to which administrators work at different administration levels. The fixed structures that exist limit the limit of the administrators to work as fitting. Different administration rehearses are upgraded from the different hypotheses that have been delivered after some time. Hypotheses and studies are basic in controlling supervisors on how they should direct business and improve tasks while working together. The connection among supervisors and laborers in of the embodiment. Laborers are increasingly worried about the social issues and majority rule space over which they can air their perspectives than severe elements that don't give such propensities (Carey 1977, p.33). The restrictions that exist in setting up appropriate administration works on, including the board of laborers is essentially modified by the different logical contemplations and studies. Logical models or hypotheses created as core values of the board don't

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Economy And Society Example

Economy And Society Example Economy And Society â€" Essay Example > Economic development in less Developed CountriesTraditionally, economic development was being defined to mean the same thing as economic growth. In fact, it was regarded as the capacity of the economy to generate and maintain a growth rate in GDP of between 5% and 7%. This definition was invalidated by the LDC’s experience in the 1950’s and 1960’s where despite the impressive growth in GDP, the living conditions of people in these countries remained more or less the same whereas in some of these countries the living conditions worsened and poverty levels rose in the midst of high growth rates. In Uganda for example, poverty level rose by 4% in 2003 despite an economic growth rate of 3% in the same period, Oversees Development Institute (2004). It is in this regard that the modern economists provided a distinction between the two concepts. Economic development can therefore be defined as establishment of conditions necessary for realization of human personality, bringing abou t social equality, poverty reduction and improving access to amenities like health, education and employment opportunities. Unlike economic growth, economic development is not purely an economic phenomenon but a multi-dimension one incorporating both social and economic aspects of life6 Furthermore development can also be said to be an increase in people’s freedom of choice2. JUSTIFICATION OF THE STUDYThe study purposes to analyze economic development in LDCs because of the many concerns raised in these countries. This is also in line with the fact that ¾ of the world’s population live in these nations. Even then, such huge population only shares less than 20% of the global income whereas the wealthy nations shares more than 80% of the worlds income despite their low total population. As such, the planet earth may be viewed as having two worlds; one for the poor (who live in LDCs) and the other one for the rich. Moreover, food security is an important yardstick of measuring ec onomic development2. Despite the LDC’s capacity to produce surplus food, such capacity remains unutilized. Paradoxically, food imports accounts for more than 25% of the total imports by LDCs. In summary, all conditions precedent to economic development has not been fulfilled in these countries. It is therefore essential to understand the development condition in these countries so as to come up with amicable solutions. DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTNEO-CLASSICAL APPROACHNeoclassical theorists like Robert Solow, the Nobel Prize winner in 1987 emphasizes on the importance of savings and formation of capital in bringing about economic development. In his famous model, ‘Solow Model’, Solow suggested that the reason why some countries flourish while others remain poor is the difference in their capital formation rate. In fact, the Solow equation provides an answer as to why LDCs continue to lag behind economically. According to him, the reason behind LDC’s under development is lack of the incentive to save. This can be validated by empirical evidence which shows that developed countries save more than 20% of their national income in capital formation whereas LDC’s only manage to save 5% of their income. Even then, the 5% is used for necessities thereby leaving only amount for capital formation. This in turn leads to low level of development. According to Solow therefore, capital formation is an important tool for economic development.

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Description Of A Team Leader Application - 1281 Words

Junior Team Leader Application 1. What skills experience can you bring to this role? Management Skills: I have strong management skills which I acquired when I was managing the cerebral palsy unit of a physiotherapy clinic. Later I served as a senior officer (lieutenant) and was responsible of nearly 300 elderly residents onsite and 150 soldiers within the Turkish Armed Forces Military Senior Center. As an anchor mentor in the CPL / Safety Team, it is my responsibility to support the team leads, arrange day-to-day management within the team and help the team members at every stage. Communication Skills: I always strive to be available and approachable to safety team members and also for the reps from other CPL Teams. In addition, I effectively communicate with safety specialists from the Facebook Safety Team. I always consider communication as a core value for development and success, so I believe implementation of good communication channels within the team is crucial. Organizations Multi-tasking: In my own experience, being an anchor mentor requires efficient multi-tasking capabilities to run both data analyst and anchor mentor duties. In addition to this, I am always eager to function as a Turkish SME too. I backed up for TL during PTOs. I always accomplished extra tasks like labeling projects or buddy tasks on time and on top of this I never miss my daily targets. Proactivity: Once I complete my target I always go and clear the bottom queues or jump on the queuesShow MoreRelatedBusiness Btec Level 3 Unit 2 P11571 Words   |  7 Pagestrainers and then the crew of members. Job Description A job description sets out the purpose of the job, where the job fits into the organisation structure, the main responsibilities of the job and the key tasks to be performed. A job description will set out how a particular employee will fit into the organisation. It will therefore need to set out: the title of the job to whom the employee is responsible for whom the employee responsible a simple description of the role and duties of the employeeRead MoreCase Study - Dunkin Donuts1439 Words   |  6 Pagesof coffee, donuts, and bagels. Having been promoted to District Manager of Dunkin Donuts, my responsibility is to create a team that will maintain the standards of Dunkin’ Donuts by delivering quality service and also be an integral part of making each new Dunkin’ Donuts shop profitable. Organizational structure as well as other methods to be used to build a successful team will be discussed within this paper. Because the shops opening are small in size, the design, or ganization and staffing appraisalRead MoreThe Role of the Registered Nurse in the Cardiac Care Context1311 Words   |  5 PagesWhat most distinguishes the role of the RN working in the context of a Cardiac specialty unit is the need for constant monitoring and rapid response. Where cardiac patients are concerned, the reduction of mortality will hinge largely on healthcare team response time and efficiency there within. According to National Institutes of Health (NIH), it is recognized that intensive observation, and immediate recognition of the patients needs are essential. Institution of appropriate life-saving therapyRead MoreJob Analysis1190 Words   |  5 Pagesjob assignments and well as changes in job descriptions. There will be six new positions to fill by someone from Interclean or Envirotech. The positions available are: Vice President of Sales, sales manager, and outside sales representatives. These positions will have detailed job descriptions. The positions will b e filled using some of the selection methods discussed in Chapter 7 Managing Human Resources. The different methods will help the hiring team choose the individual who will be the bestRead MoreProject Proposal For A Project831 Words   |  4 PagesProject Charter. The primary audience of this document consists of the project team and the stakeholders of the project. It serves as a communication device and guides future project planning, project execution and control. 1.1 Project Description and Purpose The main purpose of this project is to develop a Mobile App called â€Å"Self-Pride† for 2014 General Elections. â€Å"Self-Pride† will assist contesters, leaders and voters get live updates of election schedule, manifesto, meetings, and debatesRead MoreDesigning A Formal Project Management Methodology, Quality Assurance Program, And Sdlc Control Environment1093 Words   |  5 PagesAbility to create automated test cases for regression purposes on multiple platforms and can develop reports. †¢ Develops and implements organized, maintainable automate testing scripts for.NET applications with either browser or win form-based user interfaces. †¢ Experience with testing .NET based applications. †¢ Knowledge of relational databases and MS SQL Server – should be able to write simple queries. †¢ Ability to follow technical and procedural standards for system testing and implementation. †¢Read MoreThe Gatekeeper Of Patient Safety Falls Under The Realm Of Credentialing Essay1494 Words   |  6 Pagesverifying, and assessing the qualifications and competence of licensed practitioners) and privileging (Board of Directors grants qualified providers authorization to provide care, treatment and services). Communication regarding completion of an application, privilege form and other relevant documentation must be provided to practitioners requesting membership or privileges. TJC, HFAP, DNV, NCQA, CMS standards define the requirements to conduct credentialing, as well as the elements of criteria forRead MoreApplication Of Theory : Low Morale Among Staff Members1363 Words   |  6 PagesApplication of Theory: Low Morale among Staff Members Nursing theories are defined as a systematic review of a phenomenon that consist of interconnected concepts. Theories can be classified in four categories: metatheory, grand theory, middle range theory, and situation-specific theory or by purpose. They are useful tools for reasoning, critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving in nursing practice. Theory provides the framework to a nurse’s professional practice, research, and education;Read MoreBuilding An Opening Within A Company1278 Words   |  6 Pageshiring key members of its team? This can be accomplished through good planning, collaboration and adhering to the highest legal and ethical standards throughout the process. Planning – The Basics The tasks of finding and selecting the best applicant for this job – Public Relations Officer – or any job begins with determining the need for the position (Hynes, 2010, p. 273). Once it has been determined a vacancy exists, the process of writing or updating the job description is next. Included in theRead MoreExploring The Effectiveness Of Team Building919 Words   |  4 Pagesexplore the effectiveness of team building, both in theory and practical application. Within our community project team, we were challenged with working through the logical and creative problem solving techniques to come up with our successful solutions. The course work and team project has helped gain a good perspective from within as team member but, more importantly a gained understanding of how behaviors and personality traits affect team dynamics and overall team effectiveness. Learning, understanding

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Similarities And Differences Between Night, And Kill A...

Compare and Contrast: Night and To Kill a Mockingbird There have been many novels over the years that have sparked conversations about human rights. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Night by Elie Wiesel are two novels that have done just that. Night depicts a firsthand account of the horrors the Jewish people faced during the Holocaust. A similar story is told in To Kill a Mockingbird with the plights of African Americans in the south. Although these novels take place over during different decades and to completely different groups of people, they share similar themes of prejudice, hope, and a loss of innocence. To begin with, both novels show very strong themes of prejudice throughout. Night begins with the Elie Wiesel’s account of what it was like to live through Hitler’s final solution to rid Europe of the Jewish population. He remembers what it was like to be a young man living in Sighet, Transylvania when the Nazis moved in, and forced him out of his home to concentration camps where many people were killed in the crematoria upon arrival. Throughout Wiesel’s time in Auschwitz and Buchenwald, he had been separated from his mother and sisters, watched his friends die, and lived everyday in fear of death. The prisoners of these concentrations camps were stripped of their identity by only being referred to as their tattooed number, they were Reis, 2 starved, worked to death, and experienced even more demeaning acts. All these senseless

Ghemawat AAA Global Strategy Framework

Question: Discuss about the Ghemawat AAA Global Strategy Framework. Answer: Introduction The business environment has become very competitive and companies need to reinvent and change on regular basis to achieve sustainable competitive advantages. Companies need to create capabilities through development and implementation of effective strategies to be able to achieve continuous growth. Ghemawats AAA global strategy framework is a strategic tool, which offers the companies three generic approaches for global value creation. These approaches are namely Adaptation, Aggregation and Arbitrage.The usageof these approaches is based upon companies' objectives and vision. Application of the AAA Global Strategy Framework In the AAA Global Strategy Framework, the adaptation approach helps a company to increase the market share and total revenue by tailoring potential components of a companys business model to fulfill the customers requirement or preferences. It is subdivided in five major categories such as variation, focus, externalization, design, and innovation. Figure 1: Sub-division of the AAA Global Strategy Framework Instead of this, aggregation strategy/approach is used to achieve economic scale and scope. Its objective is getting the benefit of the geographies similarities. On the other hand, arbitrage generic strategy is used for getting the global advantage through the reducing the cost reduction and risk reduction (Varbanova, 2013). The below tables is about the selection of AAA strategy through four companies under the two industries. AAA Strategy Retail industry Food industry Adaptation, Woolworths Wesfarmers Devondale Murray Goulburn Teys Australia Aggregation Teys Australia Arbitrage Woolworths Wesfarmers Table 1: AAA Strategy Used by the Different Companies Wesfarmers A Global Strategy Wesfarmers also has a good market share in the retail industry. It has many supermarkets and stores worldwide. The strategy of the business expansion is aligned with AA global strategic. In this, Wesfarmers uses the adaptation approach in order to achieve the competitive advantage. The major aim of the company is to increase the marker share and annual sales. Through adaptation strategy, the company has increased its sales from 54513$M to 62129$M in the last five years (Wesfarmers, 2016). The company also takes the significant actions to simplify and improve its supply chain system. It supply chain system is based on the cost reduction. Along with this, the companys strategy also focuses upon the new sales techniques and marketing channels that are able to increase the sales over the competitors (Varbanova, 2013). The strategy using the new marketing channel such as social media enables the firm to get access of large customers. Due to this, there has been a fine growth in the sales approximately 14%. Figure 2: Revenue and profitability Change and Growth of Wesfarmers Companys strategy is also focused on expanding its business at the global level. As following this strategy; company has opened approximately 2417 stores and supermarket, there 20 million customers reach every week. The company also follows strong business culture strategy that enhances the customer loyalty toward the Wesfarmerss stores. Along with this, Wesfarmers uses the arbitrage approach in order to achieve competitive advantage. It focuses on the use of psychological Pricing strategy to attract the customers. For example, it determines 9.99$ instead of 10.00$. The store location strategy is also based on the near the crowded area. It helps the company to access more and more customer in the stores (Eden and Ackerman 2013). The pricing strategy of the company focuses average income customers. Woolworths AA Global Strategy Woolworths is a major retail company of Australia. The competitive strategy of the company is to provide a range of products at attractive prices through an extensive distribution which gives them the advantage over the competitors. The management of the Woolworths uses the AA global strategy under the Adaptation and arbitrage strategic approaches. In this, the consideration of the adaptation approach enables the company to increase the market share and revenue of the firm. In the companys stores, there are various ranges available for a particular product according to price and quality. It allows the customers to select the product according to its willingness to pay. Its product variation strategy makes it different from the other small and large competitors. Woolworths also uses innovative strategy in the supply chain system that is able to provide a competitive advantage to the company. It is based on the increasing customer base and also trying to meet the needs of the customers . Figure 3: revenue growth of the Woolworths Along with this, Woolworths also focuses also focuses on the arbitrage approach to achieve the competitive advantage (Woolworths limited, 2016). The company focuses on the cost-effectiveness strategy that helps to the company to determine the product price low than to its competitors. It also helps the company to attract more and more customers. The low pricing strategy is also effective to access more customers. Thus, the company reduces its business risks. Woolworths has also a good relationship with its suppliers, which help to develop new products and innovations for customers. 80% business of the company depends on the suppliers that show its dependency on the suppliers. Woolworths also uses to sell products worldwide that have been bought from the different companies after the price and quality comparison. The comparison of the price and quality of the products increase the bargaining ability of the company. Its benefit can be seen as procuring goods at the minimum cost. The vision of the company shows that its wants to provide quality products and services to its customer. All the strategies of the company follow this objective to deliver to customers the right shopping experience each and every time (Eden and Ackerman 2013). Hence, it can be said that through the effective use of Adaptation and Arbitrage strategies, company is able to provide good quality products to the customers and also provide a great experience each and every time. Devondale Murray Goulburn AGlobal Strategy The company follows the adaptation strategy and its major objective is to cover the major market of the Australian dairy farmers. By this strategy, it covers the mass market of the dairy industry in Australia and generates high revenues. The company focuses on the concept of covering local market at a broad level. There are majorly five key strategic areas below where the company works and increase the revenue and market share in the dairy industry (HBR, 2016). Focus strategy The company main target segment is farmer community and rural and regional areas of the Australian market. The company supplies 35% of dairy products and milk in major rural and regional areas of the country. The company supplies different products at different prices as per the area of the country. For example, high nutritional milk supplies to dairy farmers at low prices in a weaker section of the state. And similarly, the same product is also supplied at other economic sections at different prices. Heterogeneous prices due to the requirement of the areas (MGC, 2016). Figure 4: Adaptation Strategy Used by the DMG Variation strategy- Company adopts variation strategy in services. Its supply chain channel and distribution centers are all over the country. Companys tie up with global pediatric nutrition company and supply nutrition powder for infants in South Australia. In this strategic move, it reflects that the company changes their product strategy as per the growing needs of infants in South Australia. The company also opened the distribution centers in the remote areas of the society where the demand exceeds supply. Companys products and policies are different in these areas and its work on a lower margin at higher volume (Mansfield, 2013). Externalization Strategy- Company uses externalization strategy to tie up with French Food Company and provides nutritional diet supplements to the remote areas of the society. From this strategy, company business model is grown and its reaches the each and every part of the country. It also partnership with powder Company to supply the nutritious powder and milk to the Tasmania. This strategy benefits to the farmers and shareholders that gives the better returns and delivers best services in the country. The company opened the nutritional plant in Western Australia to meet the demand of the product. These partnerships depict the value added into their products and services (MGC, 2016). Design strategy: Company opens distribution points in remote areas so that it reduces the cost of supply i.e. transportation costs and other local taxes. Companys design distribution points as per the demand of the consumers. In most of the areas, the company offers the farms and complete dairy set up to the farmers and investors. From this strategy, the company meets the supply differences as per the area requirements. The company also fixed the standard supply prices of products and services for consumers according to the per capita income of the farmers (Ghemawat, 2013). Innovation strategy: Company focus on product innovation continuously as per the changing needs of the customers according to the geographical differences. The company produces many dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter. As per the demand of the particular product the company changes the quantities of ingredients and flavors into the product. For e.g. company supply 15% of the high nutritious milk products to Tasmania due to demand and taste of the consumers. Similarly, the consumption of cheese in Queensland is 5% more than the milk due to taste and preferences of consumers (Davondale, 2016). The company opened the pediatric nutrition milk powder plant in Koroit, Western Australia, due to growing demands of infants market. The company also introduced the new package which assists the farmers and shareholders to tackle key challenges and make the most out from the business. So these innovations in products and supplies ensure success in future. Teys Australia AAGlobal Strategy Teys Australia adopts Adaptation and Aggregation strategy that help the company to capture the 25% of the market share in the beef market. Due to its high-quality beef meat production, company stepped into the international market as well. Below listed Adaptation strategies help company to become the largest exporter of quality meat in Australia (FutureBeef, 2016). Focus strategy- Teys majorly export meat to China, Indonesia, Japan, USA, and South Koreavalued about 4.7 billion dollars. Due to an extreme low temperature in winter seasons, the consumption of meat is high. Company majorly focuses these countries and sells quality meats to increase its market share. In these countries, there are no restrictions on the sale of the beef. Variation strategy- In several parts of Australia, climate conditions are adverse that affects the cattle fields. During that time, there is only about 1/4th of the total meat production locally. Government supports the company and cattle owners at that situation and made flexible export policies of trade for meat production. So, due to these climatic conditions, company follows this strategy to remain in the competition (TeysAustralia, 2016). Externalization Strategy- Companys 50:50 stake ventures with US-based Company Cargill, gives access to the global markets. It expands the base of the export in international markets. This strategy helps the company to increase net exports annually in different countries by 35%. After this partnership, there is an increase of feedlot capacity to 3000 to 17000 units. (TeysAustralia, 2016). Innovation Strategy- After the joint venture between Teys and Cargill, Company competitiveness has increased due to the adoption of innovative technology and automated slaughterhouses. Due to its high technology and Automation, Company production cost and time reduced from 5% to 3%.The special red meat alone exported to 60% in the USA as compared to other meat variants. This product specialty and taste made the remarkable profits for the company (MLA, 2016). Figure 5: How Adaptation Strategy Used by the Teys Australia Aggregation strategy- The Company adopted aggregate approach first, locally, and later, globally. The company opened its cattle houses and established beef processing units in Australia. After the 50% stake in the venture with Cargill group; the company exports the major production of meat in international markets. As Australian market is already penetrated, the company created the demand in the major international markets. Due to this strategic move,company achieves the economies of scale (Poynter, 2016). Conclusion From the above discussion, it can be concluded that AAA Global Strategic Framework is useful in framing, implementing, and monitoring companies strategies to achieve competitive advantage. The consideration of this enables the company to increase market share and total revenue. It can also be concluded that the all thechosen companies adopt different strategies to remain competitive in the market. Furthermore, it can be concluded that these strategies are beneficial for all the companies to attain the high revenues and capture major market share locally as well as globally. Reference Davondale (2016) News release.MurrayGoulburn establishing strategic supply alliance with Mead Johnson Nutrition. [Online].Available at: (Accessed by: 13 September 2016) Eden, C. and Ackerman F. (2013) Making Strategy: The Journey of Strategic Management.UK:SAGE FutureBeef (2016) About FutureBeef. [Online].Available at: (Accessed by: 13 September 2016) Ghemawat (2013) Redefining Global Strategy: Crossing Borders in A World Where Differences Still Matter.USA: Harvard Business Press. HBR (2016) Managing Differences: The Central Challenge of Global Strategy. [Online].Available at: (Accessed by: 13 September 2016) Mansfield, R. (2013) Company Strategy and Organizational Design.UK: Routledge. MGC (2016) Corporate strategy. [Online].Available at (Accessed by: 13 September 2016) MLA (2016) Innovation Review- Teys. [Online].Available at: (Accessed by: 13 September 2016) Poynter (2016) the seven steps to a successful aggregation strategy for your news organization. [Online].Available at: (Accessed by: 13 September 2016) TeysAustralia (2016) Teys Australia is a 50/50 partnership between the Teys family and the Cargill Company. [Online].Available at: (Accessed by: 13 September 2016) Varbanova, L. (2013) Strategic Management in the Arts.UK:Routledge Wesfarmers (2016) Available at: 12 September 2016) Woolworths limited (2016) Available at: (Accessed: 12 September 2016).

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Society free essay sample

Society (se sii te), n. the uncontrollable urge to take the butterflies out of my dogs mouth. Lets play pretend, shall we? You know, like you did when you were a child. This will be easier than that, though. We wont even need props. If you have an imagination, that will work. If you dont, all the better. Put a baby in the room with you. This is not your child. It is the universal baby. It wont be boring, dont worry. He can talk. Actually, he can hold an intelligent conversation in his little hands and, probably, even eat it. Pick him up and hold him. Now, carry him into the forest that grows just outside the door over there. Set him down in the grass. Or, if it suits you, throw him. This is pretend, remember? Now sit down and watch. The baby just sits there for a moment. We will write a custom essay sample on Society or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page He pulls up some grass and eats it. Boring to watch, isnt it? My point exactly! Walk over to the baby and hit him. Just give him a hard punch on his face. Make him bleed; I dont care. Just make sure you hit him good and hard. Did it? Good! What did he do when you hit him? Thats right, he cried. He is still crying now and probably will continue to unless you do something about it. Go hug him. When you wrap your arms around the child say you love him. Say you will always love him. What is he doing now? He is smiling, he is laughing, he is happy. It seems this child either forgot that you hit him or he forgave you. Tell him you lied. Tell him you never loved him. Now hit him again. Actually, kick him for variety. He is going to cry again but do it anyway. To stop his crying you cant tell him you love him or dare to try and hug him. This child is not a moron and he wont fall for the same trick twice. So, give him some money. Now he is happy again. Play a little game with the baby. He seems to like pulling up grass and eating it. So, tell him for every blade of grass he pulls out and eats, you will give him a dollar. You have taught him the value of money already and he knows that money makes him happy. So, watch this. The baby pulls out every blade of grass in the forest and eats it. Soon there is no more grass and the baby has died of grass poisoning. Sickly ironic, dont you think? Pretend has ended. That little game we just played is called society. Fun, wasnt it? For you it was fun. I have a feeling the baby didnt have such a great time. We are all that baby. If you hit us we cry. If you hug us we smile. Maybe, someday, this baby will grow up!